This year’s Black Sheep to ensure the best weekend fun you can imagine


Black Sheep is bleating again, announcing yet another edition of the unique festival that has been wowing visitors since 2006; the varied and creative programs and events will once more turn Baška into the hub of local gastronomy and crazy parties out in the open.

Black Sheep, a popular festival of lamb meat, individualism, culture, sports, and island heritage, will be back in Baška on the weekend from May 17 through May 19, 2024. This means that, for three festival days, Baška will once again become the hub of all activities in the Gulf of Kvarner and beyond.

The music portion of the festival will kick off on Friday, May 17, with performances by the biggest winner at this year’s Porin Music Awards, Vojko V, and the popular Osijek-based hip hop duo, Krankšvester. On Saturday, the second festival day, the stage will be taken over by the energetic punk-blues-rock sensation M.O.R.T. and the legendary Psihomodo Pop, who are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their successful music career by releasing their latest album titled Vjerujem u čuda (I Believe in Miracles) and scheduling new gigs. In addition to the usual rock ‘n’ roll treats, this year’s Black Sheep will also continue with the Wine & Jazz program, which will captivate and amaze fine wine and jazz enthusiasts alike.

Besides the typically fantastic concerts, the festivalgoers will be able to enjoy ample amounts of the top-quality Baška lamb meat prepared in a myriad of ways, as well as classical cultural events, sports, children’s workshops, and standup comedy acts, among other things. Fortunately, the visitors will only need to pay for their food and beverages, as the rest of the events and programs are, once again, completely free of charge.

“The Black Sheep Festival uses creative ways to showcase everything that makes Baška so special – it’s a blend of tradition and modernity, of local culture and global trends. We are extremely proud of the fact that, once again, we can offer our guests and locals alike a rich and varied program that ranges from outstanding music, through culinary delights starring our far-famed lamb eat, to various sports and cultural events. This will give us another opportunity to celebrate both creativity and togetherness, at the same time championing the stunning beauty of our town and the heritage we are trying to preserve,” said the Mayor of Baška, Toni Juranić

In addition to the already mentioned musical performances, this year’s Black Sheep will hold a solo exhibition by the renowned painter Predrag Todorović, host an intriguing lecture by the legendary scientist and friend of the festival Korado Korlević, and organize hiking and cycling tours through the Baška Valley. The youngest festivalgoers will be able to learn wool felting and the basics of the Glagolitic alphabet, compete in bocce, and enjoy a children’s theater play. At the same time, the Baška-based Vihor FC will organize their Black Jancić children’s footie tournament, while the adults will enjoy another edition of the Corinthia Cup – Jure Vukasović Memorial Regatta.

After experiencing so many different educational and entertainment programs, the festivalgoers will need to indulge their taste buds as well! The fresh Baška lamb, prepared in a variety of ways, will be served all over Baška, at the many restaurants and Black Sheep’s food stands.

“The Black Sheep Festival is a one-of-a-kind tourism product because it offers everything a modern guest is looking for: a comprehensive experience of the destination, natural wonders to behold, and plenty opportunities to sample local dishes and learn about the varied cultural and historic heritage. Most importantly, all of this takes place outside the peak tourist season. We are incredibly pleased with this year’s program, and confident that every visitor to the festival will leave Baška with heaps of nice memories, a full belly, and a smile on their face. Accommodations are already filling up nicely and we can’t wait for that weekend,” added Ivana Topić, head of the Baška Tourist Board.

This year’s attractive three-day festival program will once again be executed by the Studio Conex team, supported by the hosts, Baška Municipality, Baška Municipality’s Tourist Board, and Black Sheep’s gold sponsor, Valamar Riviera.